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To begin shopping on whatsapp or telegram. From the home screen, tap on support. You will be instantly taken to the support page. Tap on any of the the accounts available. Take a picture of your list or send a text document containing a list of the food items you wish to order. You will be attended to in few seconds by one of our sales representatives. You may be asked to provide a detailed description of your address so your food items can be delivered to you .

To pay on Whatsapp or Telegram, you need to make a bank transfer. You will be sent banking informations such as Bank Account Name, Bank Account Number and Bank Name. You will also need to provide payment confirmations so we will be able to process your orders swiftly.

Our logistics team in Abuja, Lagos, Accra and port harcourt are in route 3 times a day. 8am-10am, 2pm-4pm and 7pm-9pm. Food items will be delivered in the morning from 8am-10am for orders placed at 6pm the previous day.

Yes. Food items in your shopping cart will remain after you logout, but their quantity will be reset to 1. If food items are added to the shopping cart before logging in, you may be asked if you would like to transfer food items added to the cart before you were logged in to your accounts shopping cart.

Food item bundle are a faster way to shop and best for shoppers who are looking to prepare specific dishes. They allow you save time from adding items to your shopping cart. Instead you can buy everything you want from just fews clicks. Food item bundle can be accessed from the home page. Once there click on the view button.


The maximum amount of money you can store in your account is $2,000.0.

To do so - From the home page, tap on support, call any of the support lines provided.

Delivery fees range but at the time it cost $1.99 to send orderedfood items to you.