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The Farmers

Small-scale farmers encounter numerous obstacles that impede their growth. “Poor sales” is one of many examples. When sales are poor, a farmer’s total production suffers - products get spoiled in the stores, he or she is unable to pay for labour or hire required expertise and so on.


Most of the time, a local farmer's reach is restricted to his immediate surroundings. This presents a visibility issue for his business, even though his items are in high demand all over the world.


Our business is to take the products from the farm to our online global platform where they can be seen by potential customers. This increases the visibility of the farmer’s business and potentially boosts sales.

The consumers

The hospitality industry, particularly restaurants and culinary establishments, rely on farm products to carry out their responsibilities and run their operations properly. 

To make this possible, they must prepare their meals with healthy, fresh farm items, which are nearly never simple to come by or come at a premium.

Also, due to geographical constraints, food items are limited to what is produced locally.

What we do

The solution we have for this is the online global marketplace we established for consumers to meet and connect directly with farmers all over the world, with the opportunity to buy fresh food items from the farmers at relatively affordable prices and have them safely transported from the farms to their doorsteps by the logistics arm of Foodstuff store.

Restaurants and food establishments may now improve the quality of their services, allowing them to attract more customers and expand.

The logistics companies

We partner with outstanding logistics companies that carefully transport the products from the farms to consumers’ doorsteps all round the world. 

Every delivery is handled with care and maximum security, ensuring that there is no chance of damage or spoilage during transit.

About us

We are Foodstuff stores and we exploit tech to provide b2b solutions to age long challenges of agribusiness and the hospitality industry.

We seamlessly connect all key players involved in the production, distribution and consumption of farm products worldwide.

We accomplish this by establishing a platform where they can come together to provide their unique services to those in need.

You can register on our platform as a farmer, logistics company or customer.

The farmers produce the farm products that are distributed by the logistics companies to the consumers anywhere in the world.