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Resolving the Food distribution challenge in africa and globally

In 2020  over 100 million Africans faced crisis, emergency, or catastrophic levels of food insecurity, an increase of more than 60% from the previous year. In 2021, food insecurity is predicted to worsen much further. As a result, the current distribution system's primary flaws are a lack of markets, inadequate transportation to markets, and the inability to afford production and consumption prices. The number of markets and ways to access those markets in our existing food distribution system is insufficient. Food Stuff Store provides the folowing services below to resolve food insecurity

Global Market Space For Suppliers
Serves As Middle Man For Farmers
Facilitate The Procurement of Food Products
Tracking And Traceability


Get an invoice as per your location and the kinds of food products you want delivered for your business or household.

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    Since you're already reading this, we assume you are on our website. To get started. Goto our Create Shopping List page. You can also download our mobile application available on both the Apple Store and the Play Store.

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    Create a list of food products without having an account with Food Stuff Store. Our platform provides you with minimal yet suitable tools for creating a well detailed list of the food items you want. With our miminal interface you can set the weight, color, size and price range of your listed items and we will see to it that we find the best deals available in the market to satisfy your list.

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    Once we find and close with the best deal available we will get back to you as soon as we can via the email address and phone number you provided. Our invoicing is automated, so our response time ranges within 24-48 hours. You will receive all neccesary payment methods to clear your invoice via email and text message. Be adviced that your invoice may accrue more or less charges if suppliers are not willing to bend to our demands for you.

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    Receive Your Parcel

    We will send your parcel of food products to the address you provided before sending your list, Your parcel will arrive within 3-5days.

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A variety of well curated raw and freshly preserved food products. Rare, popular and endermic to specific regions in the world.

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Buldak, aka fire chicken, is a spicy barbecued Korean chicken dish. “Bul” means fire and “dak” means chicken. Buldak is bite sized pieces of chicken doused in a spicy sauce made with gochugaru, gochujang, soy sauce, jocheong (rice syrup), garlic, and ginger.

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Experts contend that it is its economic and political stability and the efficient management of supply chains that helped the UAE, which imports 85 per cent of its food, in ensuring food security even in the pandemic scenario.

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It might be supposed that a hungry continent would exploit all its available food plants to the fullest, but in Africa’s case that is not so.

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