Price of a bag of Garri in Nigeria (May 2022)

Price of a bag of Garri in Nigeria (2022)

When cassava tubers are harvested, peeled, grated, fermented, and finally fried in Nigeria, the end-products is this white or yellow fine starchy food called Garri.

The relatively coarse granular flour is very popular in West Africa and beyond. It is edible, prepared and served in different forms as daily meal. Its consumption is never experiencing a dwindle, rather its supply is not sufficient enough to meet up with market demands. Most homes buy it as a cheap substitute for Fufu, Yam or even Rice.

Garri is sold in the markets in bags or paint buckets. 20 paints is equal to a 50kg bag of Garri. The custard paint as they are called by traders is about 4 litres in quantity.

There are different types or brands of Garri in the market today. Some of them are named based on the location they are produced. For now, the most popular names in the market are Ijebu Garri, White Garri, Garri Bendel and Yellow Garri.

Current prices of Garri in Nigeria

Current price of Garri per kg in Nigeria
Across different markets in Nigeria like in Lagos, Enugu, Aba, Delta, Benin, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja, Port-hacourt, Imo, Benue and other states, Garri sells for different prices in these various states but the average price of Garri is ₦400 per kg, ₦1,000 per paint and ₦39,000 per 100 kg bag in Nigeria.
As at July and early August 2021, this product sold for more than ₦47,000 per 100 kg bag, this indicates that the market price of Garri is going down lately.

Prices of Garri in Nigeria Today

Garri Type Quantity Current Price
Yellow Garri 1 kg ₦440
Yellow Garri 25kg ₦11,000
Yellow Garri 50 kg ₦22,000
Yellow Garri 100 kg ₦44,000
White Garri 1 kg ₦340
White Garri 25 kg ₦8,500
White Garri 50 kg ₦17,000
White Garri 100 kg ₦34,000
Yellow Garri Per paint ₦1,100
White Garri Per paint ₦850

This is the updated price for the month of April 2022

Various uses of Garri

Garri has so many uses. It is mainly used as swallow to eat Okro soup, Edikaikong, Egusi soup, Ofe nsala, Onugbu and other delicious dishes mostly indigenous to various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. In that case, Garri is called Eba after it has been soaked and stirred in a hot water to congeal.

Another use is in removal of snail slime. This is done in cases where alum or lime is not readily available. In such cases, Garri is used as an alternative to wash the snail until it looses its slippery properties.

Garri also serves as local cereal for drinking purposes. To prepare it, all that is required is to immerse it in water (code one preferably) and pour your sugar alongside other components like groundnut, milk or even Milo as some may love to have it. That’s it. It is ready to enjoy.
Price of a bag of Garri in Nigeria

Garri is gotten from cassava roots, and Nigeria happens to be one of the top producers in the world. Most states in the South and Midle-belt are massively into plantation of the crop and hence produce Garri both for subsistence and for commercial purposes which has contributed to the country’s foreign exchange earnings and boosted her internal revenue generation.

The sale of Garri has improved overtime, these days, although in local markets it is still sold in bags and paints. These days, they are packaged in transparent nylon and sold per weight in kg in stores, like in the grocery department of the shopping complex called ShopRite.

This is done to meet up with consumption demands of buyers who do not need it in large, wholesale quantities.


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