Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigeria (June 2022)

Food is a necessity. It is not a want but a need. Humans, and even animals need food to survive. In fact, it is said that an average human will die without food for 10 days. That’s how important it is.

While food is a basic commodity in many parts of the world, it is almost a luxury in Nigeria. But what exactly are the actual prices of foodstuff in Nigeria? This is the question this post will answer among other things.

Foodstuffs vary in type, purpose and quality. What is considered foodstuff to some may not be to others. For instance, an average Nigerian lady could shop for noodles, beverages, spaghetti, coco pops, fruits and fibre, peanut butter and other light food items.

An average Nigerian man has a different list; rice, beans, garri, yams, beverages, and so on. But generally, regardless of brand or quality, there are foodstuff that transcend cultural, social and economic boundaries.

This post will reveal the current prices of these items on the market. The good thing about foodstuffs is that everyone needs them. Whoever you are, you must eat. Your foodstuffs might differ, but they are foodstuffs. So what are the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria? How much does it cost to stock your kitchen, refrigerator, or store with great food items for you and your family? Let’s find out.


Prices of Rice in Nigeria

Although there are different brands of rice in the market, the pricing here will only cover the most common brands, including Caprice, Stallion, Mama Gold, and Rice Master. The price of rice varies according to the brand and market.

  • Rice (50kg bag) – N14,500 – N17,500
  • Rice (25kg bag) – N7,000 – N9,000
  • Rice (10kg bag) – N2,500 – N3,000
  • Rice (5kg bag) – N1,200 – N1,600

Prices of Beans in Nigeria

Beans is a highly proteinous meal that is common among Nigerians. Men love beans; that is a general belief held by many. Even though rice is a far better consumed commodity, beans is more expensive. They are used for making boiled or porridge beans, akara, moimoi and even soup (gbegiri). There are also different species of beans in Nigeria, commonly called Oloyin, Olotun, Butter beans, Ion beans,zebra beans, and even the white species common in the North. Let’s see the prices.

  • Oloyin Beans (50kg) – N30,000 – N39,000 (depending on location and market)
  • Oloyin (25kg) – N15,000 – N19,000
  • Olotun (50kg) – N29,000 – N36,000
  • Olotun (25kg) – N14,000 – N17,500
  • Butter Beans (50kg) – N33,000
  • Butter Beans (25kg) – N16,500
  • White Beans (50kg) – N32,000
  • Brown Beans (50kg) – N32,000

Prices of Yam in Nigeria

Yam is a tuber crop that is rich in carbohydrates. The yams in Nigeria are called by their local names, like Bwari Yam, Abuja yam, Benue yam, and so on. Yams are great for boiling, making porridge, and for pounded yam.

  • Abuja Yam (Large) – N700 – N900
  • Abuja Yam (Medium) – N500 – N650
  • Regular Yam (Large) – N500 – N800
  • Regular Yam (Medium) – N350 – N500

Prices of Noodles in Nigeria

Noodles quickly became the quick alternative for people who can’t, or don’t have the time to, cook. This trend became very mainstream by the early 2000s and has remained so today. Different brands exist and they include Indomie, Chiki, Golden Penny, Uno, and so on. Note that brand like Indomie come in different flavours and sizes.

  • Indomie Chicken (70g x 40ps)- N1,900 – N2,100
  • Indomie Onion (70g x 40ps) – N2,100 – N2,200
  • Superpack (120g x 40ps) – N3,300- N3,400
  • Hungry Man (200g x 24ps)- N4,300- N4,500
  • Indomie Belleful (305g x 16ps)- N4,300- N4,500
  • Chiki Noodles (100g x 40) – N3,000- N3,200
  • Golden Penny Noodles (70g x 40ps) – N2,200

Prices of Other Food Items in Nigeria

  • Bag of Garri (Ijebu    80kg) – N10,500
  • Bag of Garri (White 50kg) N6,500 – N7,500
  • Bag of Garri (Yellow 50kg) N6,500 – N7,500
  • Sweet Potato (Big Basket) – N500 – N650
  • Small Basket N300 – N400
  • Irish Potato (Big Basket) – N1,900 – N2,200
  • Irish Potato (Medium Basket) – N1,100 – N1,300
  • Irish Potato (Small Basket) – N500 – N700
  • Spaghetti (Golden Penny 500g) – N200-N250
  • Spaghetti (Dangote 500g) – N200-N250
  • Spaghetti (Power 500g) – N200-N250
  • Spaghetti (Bonita 500g) – N250-N300
  • Gallon of Palm Oil (5 ltrs) – N2,200-N2,500
  • Gallon of Palm Oil (20 ltrs) – N8,800-N9,000
  • Gallon of Palm Oil (30 ltrs) – N12,800-N13,000
  • Gallon of Vegetable Oil Local (5 ltrs) – N2,300-N2,500
  • Gallon of Vegetable Oil (20 ltrs) – N9,000- N9,500
  • Gallon of Vegetable Oil (30 ltrs) – N13,500 –N14,000
  • Kings Vegetable Oil (5 ltrs) – N2,900- N3,000
  • Wesson Vegetable Oil (5 ltrs) – N4,500 – N4,700
  • Mamador Vegetable Oil (3.8 ltrs) – N3,000 – N3,200
  • Power Vegetable Oil (3 ltrs) – N2,400- N2,600
  • Dangote Sugar (50kg) – N17,000- N17, 300
  • Sugar St’ Louis Sugar (Cube 500g) – N350- N400
  • Sugar Golden Penny Sugar (cube) 500g – N300- N400
  • Bread Val-U (1 loaf) – N300- N400
  • Bread Butterfield (1 loaf) – N350- N400
  • Egg N/A Crate – N1100- N1300

Prices of Milk (Powdered) in Nigeria

  • Peak (Tin 400g) – N1,150- N1,200
  • Peak (Tin 900g) – N1,900-N2,000
  • Milk Peak milk (Refill) 500g – N950- N1,100
  • Milk Three Crowns (Refill) 380g – N800-N900
  • Milk Loya Powdered (Tin) 400g – N800-N900
  • Milk Loya (Refill) 400g – N750-N850
  • Milk Coast (Refill) 500g – N700- N800
  • Milk Dano Powdered (Tin) 500g – N900- N1,000
  • Milk Dano Powdered (Tin) 900g – N1,650- N1,700
  • Milk Dano (Refill) 500g – N800-N1000

Prices of Beverages in Nigeria

  • Cocoa Beverages Milo (Tin) 500g – N1,000- N1200
  • Cocoa Beverages Milo (Tin) 900g – N1,900-N2000
  • Cocoa Beverages Milo Refill 500g – N950- N1000
  • Cocoa Beverages Bournvita Refill 500g – N850-N950
  • Cocoa Beverages Bournvita (Plastic) 500g – N950-N1000
  • Cocoa Beverages Bournvita (Plastic) 900g – N1,600-N1800
  • Cocoa Beverages Ovaltine (Refill) 500g 850- N950
  • Cocoa Beverages Ovaltine (Plastic) 500g – N900- N100
  • Coffee Nescafe Gold Blend – N1,600- N1800
  • Coffee Nescafe Classic 50g – N550- N600
  • Tea Lipton Yellow label 52g – N230- N300
  • Tea Top tea 52g – N200- N300

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