About Us

What We Do & Our Aim

Foodstuff Store started as an answer to foodstuff shopping difficulties experienced during the COVID19 lockdown.
The difficulties experienced were:

The loss of livelihood as the COVID19 restrictions made it difficult for vendors to sell.
Difficulty accessing fresh products in the traditional marketplace.
Convenience on the part of both vendor and consumer.

With the realization of these difficulties, Foodstuff Store came into existence.

Foodstuff Store aimed to make direct contact between buyers and sellers easy. However, this idea evolved after COVID19, especially with an increasing need for a more convenient and affordable foodstuff shopping experience.


Our Idea To Rebrand

It all started small in Abuja.
A consumer ordered a large quantity of farm produce, and after reaching out to the market vendor and logistics company, we realized it was not cost-effective for the buyer.

Our team did more research; research that led to the discovery that the price of foodstuff in neighboring cities was more cost-effective than in the traditional market. The price gap was because the farmers were not closer to the traditional marketplaces and were only in direct contact with a few market sellers; This brought about the rebranded idea of FOODSTUFF STORE.

Today, we have become more than just an online marketplace connecting the vendors to the consumers; we are now your means to more cost-effective and fresh farm products. We connect you directly to our reliable vendors and can have any farm product delivered to you at a more affordable rate.


1st Project Launched

As a result of the rebranding,
Foodstuff store will officially launch its first major project in early 2022; An application that will give everyone more access to a convenient, affordable, and refined traditional foodstuff market.

We are already in touch with our vendors, you, and logistics companies.

We are continuously researching to enable us serve you better, and we are committed to bringing the market to your doorstep; a very great move to let you “Eat fresh” and “Stay healthy”.

Reliable Partners & Investors

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